CLOSED Abstract submission

New sumbmission

The abstract submission was closed.Thank you very much for plenty of submissions.
The template of abstract is available from the following link. template of abstract

Accepted submission

The author, who has already received an acceptance letter, will receive an email from to confirm the acceptance of your submission and to inquire any changes.

Poster presentation

Submission of the poster file

Prepare the poster presentation file using a template

Due date of submission: 15th Nov 2021.
Note: The poster may not be uploaded if submitted after the due date.

The pptx file should be converted to pdf format. All fonts should be embedded,
and DO NOT set a password for viewing and editing.

The pdf file must be submitted to not later than the due date.

Other tips for poster presentation

  • The poster pdf file will be uploaded on the cloud server for the attendees to browse.
  • Bulletin borad for each poster can be used for Q&A before starting postersession.
  • Poster presentations are divided into two sessions, which can be confirmed in the program
  • Please join a Zoom meeting for your poster from Going Virtual, and give a poster presentation.
  • The speaker can use another presentation file, such as Power point, instead of the pdf file.
  • If you wish, we can create a link to your presentation video or other supporting video.
    If so, please send us the link.