Information for Attendees

For Onsite attndees

Guidelines for COVID-19 prevention

The guideline to attend the symposium is as follows:
  • If your body temperature is above 37.5oC or you have symptoms such as fever or cough, please do not come to the venue and participate virtually.
  • Please take your temperature at the entrance of the venue and wear a mask at all times.
  • Please keep a sufficient distance from your neighbors and use hand sanitizer.
  • When you take off your mask to eat or drink, please refrain from talking. Please enjoy conversations after eating and drinking with the mask on.

Registration and Information Desk

The registration and information desk are located at the second floor of the venue building. It opens from 15:00 on Monday (29th Nov.); 8:00 on Sunday; 11:30 on Tuesday.


Lunch box will be given to on-site participant on Day2 and Day3. There are no restaurant around the venue.

Onsite Oral Presenters

  • The details abou the presentation time can be found in Virtual ISMIP10 page.
  • Please bring your own laptop computer for oral presentation and connect it to the projector via VGA connector or HDMI. Please make sure that the projector is connected before the session starts and that the slides are displayed correctly.
  • It is also possible to use the PC (Windows 10) at the venue. In this case, please bring your presentation file on a USB memory stick and save it to the PC before the session starts. Please prepare your presentation slides as Power Point or PDF files.


We are pleased to offer you free wireless internet throughout the venue.

For online attndees

General Information for Online Attendees

You can attend the ISMIP10 virtually via online. All presentations including the plenary and invited lectures as well as the general oral and poster presentations will be provided by lives (virtually in real-time). The oral presentations on 30th Nov. and 1st Dec. will be provided using ZOOM. The different ZOOM based system, so called Going Virtual, is used for the oral and poster presentations on 2nd Dec, since the symposium is completely online.
The entrance to ZOOM or Going Virtual will be found Virtual ISMIP10 page

Guidelines of Online Settings

Please install the latest version of Zoom into your PC.
We kindly request all online attendees to change/set your display name to "Your name (Affiliation)". If your name and affiliation are unclear, you may be forced to leave Zoom room by the organizing committee. We also kindly request all online attendees to mute yourself. When you want to ask questions or speak, you can use in-meeting chat or reactions in Zoom and then the session chair allow you to unmute.

Online Oral Presenters

We set-up the time table with considering the time difference between Japan and your country. Thus, we kindly request the online oral presenters to make your presentation by live (in real-time). Please note that the time zone for the program is Japanese Standar Time (JST).
The details abou the presentation time can be found in Virtual ISMIP10 page.

Poster Presenters

Poster session will be held only virtually. We kindly request the online poster presenters to make your presentation by live (in real-time).
  • The symposium attendee can browse each poster on the cloud server througout the symposium dates before staring the poster session. The download and printout of the file will not be permitted.
  • The attendee and speaker can communicate even before the poster presentation through the bulletin board for each during the symposium.
  • Te poster presentations are divide into two groups, as found in the scientific program. We will prepare a ZOOM meeting room for each poster presentation. The link for your Zoom meeting will be found in the poster session on Going Virtual.
  • The speaker can use another presentation file, such as Power point, which is different from the uploaded pdf file.
  • We can create a link to your presentation video or suppremental movies, if you wish. If so, please recorded your presentation, upload the it to such as Youtube, and send us the URL.

Recording & Photography Policy

Recordings of presentations or taking photos/screenshots of slides is strictly prohibited at this symposium for both the online and virtual attendees.